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These four mind-opening programs cover everything you need to know about communicating effectiveness whether you’re speaking with one person or in front of 1000!... and check out the generous package deal which includes Laurie as your personal speaking coach for life - absolutely Free!

Being The Confident Speaker You Want to Be!

All encompassing self-paced e-course gifts you a freedom of expression few people get to experience by obeying none of the rules… and getting things wrong is one fear you could do without!


  • One Step to Panic-Free Public Speaking
  • How to Be a Conversational Success!
  • How to Create Your Own Charisma


One Step to Panic-Free Public Speaking








How to Be a Conversational Success

Mind-changing and practical e-training manual: The simple secrets of being a ‘sparkling conversationalist’ and making friends easily… No more wondering why others have the ‘gift of the gab’ and you somehow missed out!





How to Create Your Own Charisma

Inspirational audio program: Helps you discover your own interactive magic so you step forward with Confidence, have something interesting to say, and leave the right impression!




Bonus Package-Deal!!

I’ll say it again. Invest in “Being The Confident Speaker You Want To Be!” AU$277.00 NOW… and you get the other 3 listed programs that make up this exciting package ABSOLUTELY FREE! That’s right! If you buy now you get the entire Communicating with Confidence package for just AU277.00 with me as your personal email coach for life!​

P.S. LAST MINUTE BONUS!! As each practical inspiration in the course helps you gain in speaking Confidence your communicating potential will expand in many ways. Incredible as it may now seem, joining a community group or a caring public speaking forum in which to practice will soon be something you’ll see as a real, non-threatening possibility. Remember these people understand your situation because they have either overcome, or are in the process of overcoming the very things that have been holding you back! Tell you what… pluck up the courage to join one of these community groups and I’m prepared to be your secret coach so you only experience speaking success with each week’s little task. And I’ll keep doing this until you’re okay. Great way of transforming your debilitating old habit patterns of ‘speaking failure’ into exciting new habit patterns of ‘speaking success!’ And this goes for all your work situations as well!

Your future speaking effectiveness is now in your hands so why put it off a moment longer? Have the courage to take that crucial first step and order NOW! Once you’ve clicked that link to our secure system and entered your credit card details you can begin your rewarding and fulfilling journey of speaking with Confidence… And I look forward to being a supporting part of this journey with you.


Laurie Smale
Professional Speaker 
Author and Master Speaking Coach